Upcoming Orange Sales

Thursday 25th July @ 1:00 pm

Orange Sale

Calves 1pm, Weanlings & Store Cattle & Feeding Cows Sale at 2.45pm
Entries invited. Please contact Ben (07791 791356) for more information.
Thursday 22nd August @ 1:00 pm

Orange Sale

Calves Sale at 1:00pm followed by Weanlings. Store Cattle Sale at 3pm
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Entries invited. Please contact Ben (07791 791356) for more information.

About our Orange Sales

We started a monthly Orange Market for TB restricted calves, weanlings and store cattle in January 2021.

The sale was grown to become one of the largest in the UK with regular numbers of 300-400 calves, 100 weanlings and 50-100 Store Cattle.

All cattle require a TB16e Licence. This license will be valid for 3 months. You must reapply for the general licence between short-interval tests.

– Please visit Gov Website to reapply for TB Licence once yours has expired.  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/tb-restricted-cattle-application-for-movement-licence-in-england

Before each Sale Section 2 of the licence must be completed by the Vendor. This includes, Destination details, Animal Ear tags, Date of Births & last TB Test Date. This needs to accompany the TB16e Licence & Orange Sale Entry Form.

The Market CPH Number is 35/079/8103

Any cattle over 42 days require a Tb test within the last 90 days.

The sale is held on Thursdays at 1pm calves, 3.30pm weanlings and 3:45pm store cattle & feeding cows.

Sale Arrangements

  • Entries for cataloguing required 7 days before the sale.
  • Completed declaration form is required
  • TB204 Licence is required at the time of sale
  • Gates open at 11:30am
  • Unloading between 11:00am-1:30pm
  • Sale starts at 1pm for Calves, Weanlings 3:30pm approx & Store Cattle/Feeding Cows 3.45pm
  • Enquiries to Ben Baggott 07791 791356

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